1. I always wondered what to do in this case especially in the event of having a considerable amount of time left on your contract.
    I am the first sometimes to criticize the mobile communication companies for little problems but i must be honest that e e are very flexible and understanding in this issue.

  2. Jan Smith says:

    We have been told we have to pay £590 change to contract or termination fee and there is nothing else can be done due to a contract being in place.

  3. Lin Berry says:

    My mobile contract was with TalkTalk as have landline with them + broadband. May 2015 my elderly father came out of hospital after a 4.5 month stay. He needed a mobile contract as was now living in a care home. TalkTalk agreed he could be put onto my bill, but was on a separate 2-year contract. Due to his ill health I asked what would happen if he died and was told TalkTalk would treat favourably such a situation. Dad died sadly on 11 May this year, 9 month’s in. They wanted to charge me £150, but subsequently reduced to £75. I’m still not happy with this and have since not renewed my mobile contract with TalkTalk.

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