Email archiving tips


Part of a research project with Stanford University, this is a website where you can set up an email archive process and then analyse it, compiling data such as seeing how people enter and leave your life or measuring your email emotions over a period of time.

Email preservation & archiving

Although not updated recently, a good resource linking to some useful articles on email archiving and advice on what to consider as you develop systems.

How to Preserve Your Own Digital Materials

Useful resources from the Library of Congress for personal digital archiving, including email, audio, photos and video.

What are the tradeoffs between the various email archiving approaches?

Read this for the discussions and particularly for some insights from the attached paper by Christopher Prom in the answers section – “Preserving Email”. (See pages 36 & 37 for a potted guidance summary for individuals wanting to archive email.)

Why it’s ok to hoard old email messages

An interesting article from the New York Times which not only makes you feel better about hoarding email correspondence but also has some useful recommendations on email management in the comments section.

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